High-speed & High- accuracy

3D Printer X1
3D Printer X1

3D Printer X1

ApexMaker X1 MINI
ApexMaker X1 MINI

ApexMaker X1 MINI


High Precision & Unmatched Accuracy

The 8K mono LCD boasts a remarkable 46μm resolution, surpassing most of the resin 3D printers available in the market, ensuring your printed models come to life with astonishing clarity and detail.


Mighty close -loop motor delivers enhanced printing precision and stability, particularlyadvantageous forsmall-sizedor high- precision printing tasks.


Easy-To-Use Touchscreen

The 7-inch capacitive touchscreen provides a responsive and intuitive user experience at your fingertips. Positioned above,the integrated indicator lights display the printing progress,keeping you informed throughout the process.

Pre-Calibrated Build Plate

The advanced pre-calbrated build plate always stands by. ensuring that the print bed is pertectly level. Say goodbye to the hassle of manual bed leveling and enjoy a seamless printing experience!

Resin Auto Refill & Retrieval

NO more worry about running out of resin or errors caused by manual operation, as the automatic resin feeder system will continuously add resin from the resin bottle whenever needed during the printing process. Apex -maker will save your effort while ensuring the printing continuity.


Fresher Printing Experience

The air-purification system effectively absorbs and filters printing odors, promoting a healthierenvironment for your health. Additionally, the detachable activated carbon filter makes replacementeasier and more convenient than ever.