Privacy Policy

Privacy Statement

In order to maintain personal privacy and support the protection of personal data, Apex Maker hereby declares and explains to you the purpose, category, scope, method of collecting personal data and your relevant rights. If you have any questions about Apex Maker's Privacy Statement, related notices or any matters related to the protection of personal data, please contact Apex Maker Support Center. Apex Maker will reply promptly and explain.

Privacy Coverage

This Privacy Statement and related notices apply only to websites owned and operated by Apex Maker , including the Apex Maker Support Center. Apex Maker 's website may have many links, partners and independent shop owners who offer products or services. To learn about the privacy policies and other relevant disclosures of these linked sites, partner sites or independent shop owners on the network, please refer to their respective statements. Apex Maker is not responsible for the privacy statements and related notices of linked websites, partner websites or independent store operators.

Purpose of Personal Data Collection

Apex Maker collects personal data from users, including but not limited to name, contact information (such as telephone, email, address, etc.), education level, employment status, family and marital status, financial status, payment data, etc. This data is collected for the purpose of providing e-commerce and after-sales services, fulfilling legal or contractual obligations, protecting the rights and interests of the parties, conducting marketing and customer management, and conducting business in accordance with the company's registration or articles of association. In addition, IP addresses and other personal data that can directly or indirectly identify users may also be collected.

In order to improve the quality of its services, Apex Maker may conduct traffic analysis and online behavior surveys on its related websites or applications based on the personal data and browsing activities of users collected. However, this data does not relate to specific individuals.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding Apex Maker's privacy statement or the protection of personal data, please contact the Apex Maker Support Center. We will respond to your enquiry as soon as possible.

Acquisition of Personal Data

Apex Maker values your privacy and believes that great products and privacy protection can coexist. Therefore, we only collect necessary personal data. When you register an account on our official website, purchase a product, activate a product or device, download a software update, link to our services, contact us via social media, participate in an online survey, or interact with Apex Maker, we may collect the following information:

Account information: Your Apex Maker account information, including email address, name, and country of residence.
Contact information: Include name, email address, physical address, phone number or other contact information.
Device information: Includes the device serial number or browser type and information about the device.
Payment information: Includes details of your billing address and payment method, such as bank information, credit card, signature card or other payment card information.
Transaction information: Transaction data generated when purchasing Apex Maker products and services.

Other information you provide to us: including details of your communications with Apex Maker, interactions with customer service staff, contacts through social media channels, etc.
You are under no obligation to provide us with the personal data we request. However, if you choose not to provide it, we may often be unable to provide you with our products or services or respond to your request.

Acquisition of Personal Data from Other Sources

Apex Maker respects the privacy and sensitivity of your personal data. We collect and use them only when necessary and take steps to protect them. The following is how we collect your personal data:

Authorized Resellers: We may engage third party authorized resellers to process or store data, including personal data, in connection with your use of our services and delivery of products. Partners: We work with partners to improve our products and services. These partners may provide us with your personal data to support our business operations and compliance requirements.
Interactions with Individuals: We may collect your personal data in the course of interactions with other individuals, such as when they contact you for information or to share content.
According to your instructions: You may instruct other individuals or third parties to share data with us, and we will use this information in accordance with your instructions.
No matter where we collect your personal data from, we process your personal data in accordance with this Privacy Policy to ensure its security and confidentiality.

Use of Personal Data

Apex Maker may use personal data to enhance our services, process your transactions and communicate with you. We respect your privacy and will not disclose your personal data to third parties or use it for other purposes except with your consent or as required by applicable laws in China. Specifically, we may collect personal data for the following purposes:

Improving our Services :
Apex Maker collects the personal data necessary to improve our products and services. For example, we may collect maintenance records or customer complaints to make necessary optimizations and improvements.
Processing your Transaction:
In order to process your transaction, Apex Maker needs to collect your name, purchase content, payment information and other relevant data.
Communicating with you:
We may contact you to respond to your inquiries, process your transactions or matters related to your account, and promote our products and services. In addition, we may use personal data to send you necessary notifications, such as changes to purchases, terms and conditions, and policies.

Personal Data Security

To ensure the security of your personal account and data, Apex Maker strongly recommends that you do not disclose your personal account and password to any third party or allow others to use your personal data to request an account and password. If your account and password are at risk of being compromised, please change your password immediately or notify Apex Maker to suspend your account. We may require you to verify your personal information.

Also, please note that the Internet is not a secure environment for information transmission. When using this website, please avoid disclosing sensitive personal information to others or publicly disclosing it on the website. Apex Maker strongly recommends that you protect your personal information properly and keep your account secure at all times.

Our Commitment to Your Privacy

To ensure the security of your personal data, we will communicate the company's privacy and security standards to Apex Maker employees and strictly enforce privacy protection measures within the company.