Warranty policy

Apex Maker offers a user-friendly warranty service to save you from any unnecessary hassle. We take great pride in manufacturing and delivering high-performance products that consistently meet strict quality benchmarks. If you experience any difficulties with Apex Maker products, we recommend that you refer to the user manual or check out our Apex Maker Support Center for assistance.

Warranty Coverage

The warranty applies only to the original purchaser of Apex Maker products, including user manuals, product guides, specifications and other services, and is not transferable to subsequent owners or other assigns. To qualify for warranty coverage, the original purchaser must provide proof of purchase and comply with all terms and conditions set forth in the warranty policy. Warranty claims made by unauthorized sellers of products will not be accepted.

Warranty Terms and Conditions

Apex Maker provides a comprehensive warranty on its products, specifically for Apex Maker branded hardware components, software and firmware supplied by Apex Maker. Consumables such as resin, LCD, TSP/ACF films are not covered by the warranty. The LCD of a particular product has a 3-month warranty.

If defects caused by defective materials or manufacturing processes are found during the warranty period, Apex Maker will provide the warranty parts for the agreed item(s).

For products purchased through an authorized resellers, warranty terms and conditions are regulated by the resellers. In the event of a defect, Apex Maker will provide technical assistance to the resellers, but the final decision and warranty terms will be the responsibility of the resellers.

How to Obtain Warranty Service

If Apex Maker products do not function properly during the applicable warranty period, customers may contact the Apex Maker Support Center for after-sales service. To qualify for warranty service, customers must provide valid proof of purchase, such as the order number or serial number of the equipment.

What Will Apex Maker Do

Apex Maker will try to diagnose and resolve your problem through the Apex Maker Support Center. We may instruct you to download and install specific firmware updates to resolve the issue.

If the issue cannot be resolved through the Apex Maker Support Center or firmware update, and if a partial replacement is deemed necessary, Apex Maker will ensure that the required replacement is delivered to you in a timely manner.

1. If the problem is covered by warranty, Apex Maker will provide the necessary replacement parts free of charge.

2. If your product is no longer covered by warranty, you can purchase the necessary replacement parts from Apex Maker through our official website, authorized resellers, or customize the required parts through the Apex Maker Support Center.

Warranty Coverage Limitations

The warranty does not apply to the following:
1)Products without reliable proof of purchase.
2)Damage caused by human factors, including but not limited to misuse, misloading, abuse, abnormal voltage, water intake, fire, transportation accidents and other external causes.
3)Damage caused by unauthorized alteration, modification, removal of parts or assemblies without following official instructions.
4)Damage caused by an unauthorized service provider.
5)Damage caused by not following the recommended instructions.
6)Damage caused by any non-Apex Maker or other support, such as help with "how to do" problems or inaccurate product setup and installation.
7)Products purchased from unauthorized sellers, illegal platforms, or second-hand sales.
8)Consumable parts, such as resins, LCDs, and TSP/ACF films, unless damaged due to material or process defects.
9)Damage caused by reliability or compatibility problems when using unauthorized third party parts.

Warranty Period of Devices and Accessories

The warranty period starts from the date of delivery of the product and terminates at the end of the warranty period. If your device is not listed on the table provided, please contact the Apex Maker Support Center for information on the warranty period.


Warranty Period for Delivered Parts

If delivered parts are related to device or accessory that are still under warranty, the warranty coverage of those delivered parts will be consistent with the continuing warranty of the device or accessory.

If the device or accessory exceeded their original warranty period, Apex Maker will provide a one-month warranty for the delivered parts.

These delivered parts include warranty replacement parts, repaired parts, and purchased parts.