Refund policy

Return for Non-Defective Reason

Under consumer protection laws, you have the option to request a refund within 13 days. However, please note that the refund does not include shipping and tax/VAT charges. To start the refund process, you need to submit a request to Apex Maker Support within these 13 days. It is important to ensure that the product is returned in its original state and that the entire batch order must be sent back. Please note that any one-way shipping costs incurred during the return process will be your responsibility.

Please note that Apex Maker cannot provide returns or refunds for the following products:

1.Products that cannot be restored to their original state (such as the resin printer has started a print session or the resin has been opened).
2.Slicing software.

Keep original packaging during warranty period for future shipping.
Respond to request based on complaint date.

Product Dead on Arrival (DOA) Return

If you notice any damage after receiving the product, please contact the Apex Maker Support Center within 14 days to report the problem and provide unpacking video as evidence. Apex Maker will provide a Product Dead on Arrival (DOA) service based on the information obtained. If the unpacking video is not provided,Apex Maker will provide warranty maintenance services. In addition, if you notice any problems with the appearance or function of the product within 14 days of receiving it, and the product can be returned to its original state (e.g. the resin printer is not printing, the resin is not opened), please contact the Apex Maker Support Center immediately.

The Apex Maker Support Center will determine if the product falls into the damaged DOA category on arrival and provide you with the following options:

Apply for a product return, but you do not need to pay any shipping fees.

Exchange :
Apex Maker will replace the damaged product for you free of charge, you do not need to pay any shipping costs.

During the warranty period, please keep the original packaging box for convenient shipment. The deadline is based on the date of complaint.

Return Process

Once you submit a return request, the Apex Maker Support Center will confirm by email that your request is eligible. If eligible, support staff will further verify the return details and shipping arrangements with you. When returning a product, please use the original packaging to ensure the integrity of the item and return all products listed in the order.

After Apex Maker receives your returned product, the technical support staff will inspect the product to confirm that it complies with the return requirements and the agreement that the product can be restored to its original state (e.g. the resin printer is not printed, the resin is not opened). If a returned product does not comply with the agreement that the product can be restored to its original condition, additional charges may apply.


After the product inspection is complete, the customer service representative will notify you of the return evaluation result via email and proceed with the refund process. The refund amount will be deducted from the cost of restoring the product to its original state and will be refunded to you in accordance with the original payment method. If you paid with a credit card, refunds may take longer due to different refund processing times at different card issuing banks.

Apex Maker only offers exchange services for DOA (Dead On Arrival) products.
Non-DOA products cannot be exchanged. Please follow the return procedure to re-order.
After the promotion period, special discounts may no longer be offered. 
Apex Maker reserves the right to create orders and does not establish a special return.